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 Retractable Workstation Casters

These Casters work with a thumbscrew that raises and lowers a post that acts to disengage the wheel, and does some leveling.  They are best used on equipment that is rarely moved.  In addition to plate mounting, they can also be ordered with stem attachments.  Call for details. Retractable Workstation Casters
  • Office equipment retractable casters
  • Printer stand retractable casters
  • Computer server retractable casters
  • TV stand casters
  • Kitchen island casters
  • Workbench casters
  • Printer workstation
  • Drafting workstation
  • Hobby workstation
  • Food preparation workstation
  • Sewing workstation


  • Desk retractable casters
  • Retractable casters for shelving
  • Entertainment stand retractable casters
  • Television stand casters
  • Casters for power tool stands
  • Computer workstation
  • Computer server workstation
  • Drawing table workstation
  • Craft workstation
  • Shop workstation


2" wheel retractable workstation caster


2.44" Nylon Wheel 1.13" tread
1300 lbs. capacity
Adjustment range +0.59"
Plate: 3.54" square overall
2.77" hole spacing (5/16" Bolt)

3" wheel retractable workstation caster


2.86" Nylon Wheel 1.25" tread
Adjustment range +0.79"
2200 lbs. capacity
Plate: 3.74" square overall
 2.77" Bolt hole spacing (7/16" Bolt)

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These casters work best in applications where you need to move something very infrequently.   The post is lowered or raised by using a thumbscrew on the side.   As the post lowers, it raises the wheel off the floor making the workstation immobile.   If you move your workstation frequently, but need to keep it immobile, then look into total locking casters.