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  1. CASTER SIZE:  Defined by the diameter of the wheel in the caster.

  2. OVERALL HEIGHT:  The vertical distance between the top of the caster mounting plate and the bottom of the wheel.  When using a stem caster, this dimension must be reduced by the thickness of the top plate.

  3. OFFSET OR LEAD:  The distance required for a caster to swivel.  Measured from the vertical center of the King pin to the outside edge of the wheel.

  4. WHEEL SIZE:  Defined as the diameter of the wheel.

  5. TREAD WIDTH:  The distance from the furthermost outside edge of the wheel to the other edge of the wheel.

  6. HUB LENGTH:  The distance from one end of the wheel hub to the other.  When thread guards are used this is included in the dimension.

  7. BORE SIZE:  The actual inside diameter of the bearing as it is to be used in a caster or on an axle.

  8. TOP PLATE DIMENSION:  The measurement from one outside edge of the top plate to the other outside edge.

  9. BOLT HOLE SPACING:  Also shown as bolt hole centers.  The dimension from the center of one bolt to the center of the adjacent bolt hold.  Where slotted bolt holes are used, two dimensions will be shown.

  10. BOLT HOLE SIZE:  The diameter of bolt to be used to fasten the top plate.

  11. STEM SIZE:  Will show diameter first, then length.  With threaded stems, the number of threads per inch is required.  In metric threaded stems the pitch is required.